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讓福份流出去_Give Out The Blessing

經文: 「信我的人就如經上所說,從他腹中要流出活水的江河來。」(約七38)



我們常會奇怪,常會發急地說:「為甚麼我們不能流出活水的江河來呢?」我告訴你:多少時候是因為我們祇受不給的緣故。進來的東西太多了,我們從來不想到應該讓它流出去;所以,裡面常會停滯,常會發沉。我們應該讓我們所得到的流出去--多作見證,多傳福音,多做幫助探望的工作,多找事奉主的機會--這樣,你就會看見聖靈要替你開更大工作的門,要給你更多事奉的恩賜。--譯自地上的屬天生活(Days of Heaven upon Earth) 
        門徒在五旬節受了聖靈的浸以後,並不租著樓房,留在那裡聚會,卻到各地去宣講福音。--赫夫(Will Huff) 



Give Out The Blessing
Scripture: "He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his inner being shall flow rivers of living water" (John 7:38).


Some of us are shivering and wondering why the Holy Spirit does not fill us. We have plenty coming in, but we do not give it out. Give out the blessing that you have, start larger plans for service and blessing, and you will soon find that the Holy Ghost is before you, and He will present you with blessings for service, and give you all that He can trust you to give away to others. 

        There is a beautiful fact in nature which has its spiritual parallels. There is no music so heavenly as an Aeolian harp, and the Aeolian harp is nothing but a set of musical chords arranged in harmony, and then left to be touched by the unseen fingers of the wandering winds. And as the breath of heaven floats over the chords, it is said that notes almost Divine float out upon the air, as if a choir of angels were wandering around and touching the strings. 

        And so it is possible to keep our hearts so open to the touch of the Holy Spirit that He can play upon them at will, as we quietly wait in the pathway of His service.--Days of Heaven upon Earth 

        When the apostles received the baptism with the Holy Ghost they did not rent the upper room and stay there to hold holiness meetings, but went everywhere preaching the gospel. --Will Huff 

        "Where is Abel thy brother?" (Gen. 4:9). 
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